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Culinary Design

We Bring Our Passion to the Table

Plus, get our expert advice on food preparation equipment, unique storage options, the latest culinary advancements using advanced design technology including Autodesk’s AutoCAD, Revit, and Virtual Reality (VR). These different design technologies assist in laying out equipment for maximum efficiency from a labor and equipment cross-utilization standpoint while setting up the project to provide amazing customer experiences. All this is taken into consideration while also following and maintaining all strict code and regulations as required to ensure a fast and easy plan approval process.

Kessenich’s now offers the latest in culinary design services, thanks to our affiliation with the Great Lakes Culinary Designs team. The diverse backgrounds of our design team allow us to provide firsthand knowledge in all aspects of food production and delivery in everything from restaurants and bars to schools, healthcare, incubator kitchens, movie theatres, assisted living and anything needing a commercial kitchen!

With a design team built from real-world chefs, consultants, managers and operators degreed architect on staff, our team is at home with either the entrepreneur opening their first restaurant or the healthcare system looking to implement their long-term master plan, whether it’s a brand new space or within the heart of a 100 year old building.

Living in a Virtual World

Kessenich’s has successfully implemented VR solutions into our workflow. We model your space in a 3-dimensional world, allowing you the chance to stand in your space and make changes before ground is ever broken.

Staying at the forefront of culinary design technology, our use of VR provides results that benefit our customers immensely.

  • Cross-division communication is improved between design, clients, sales, and installation.
  • Costly mistakes are avoided by communicating design changes to identify costly issues prior to and through construction.
  • Clash detection analysis software catches issues and conflicts before hitting the field.
  • Using immersive VR, you are a part of the scene and able to experience the reviewed geometry.
  • VR reduces the number of physical revisions, allowing us to get to design completion faster and more efficiently.
  • Streamlined communication cuts the number of emails, phone calls, and meetings of a typical project in half.
  • Long story short, VR helps get the doors open to your customers faster.

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